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The Dynasty: A Brief Account
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Dynasty. Family. Respect. Loyalty. Always. Forever.

Evan Hiroshi
My Big Bro. 6'3", 170 lbs of pure man candy. Ladies, He's Taken; Please dont waste your time.

Evan, June 5th, 1984. Sidwell '03. Yale '07.  

Like most younger brothers, I follow my older brother like a frickin shadow. Since day one, hes been there for me, and ive (tried....oh GOD...) to be there for him. My teacher. My disciplinarian. He runs track like a man, (800 and 400 meters) and lives his life like one. His boys are ben o and josh r. His girls are becca k, emily b, christina h, and charlotte g. Girlfriend: Shophie C-B. They are tighter than Jennifer Love Hewitt in a bikini on a Hawaiian beach (trust me, thats very tight). This dude, understands life. RESPECT.

Jessi Yumiko
My nice asian sister. At Yale. I think she was a child prodigy. Props to Shades, a cappella group

Jessi, May 10th, 1982. Sidwell '00. Yale '04.

My sister is unstoppable. Literally. She sings like an angel (no, not a fat disgusting angel), she is a genius, her work ethic is SICK, and even though shes gonna be famous, she still stays true to herself and life. Shes very pretty (yes, its ok to call your sister pretty) and not very intimidating upon first look, but never underestimate this girl. She continues the interracial relationship traidition with her half-black boyfriend stephen, who is also in Shades.She makes us half-asians proud; in Jessi Yumiko we got the total package.  PRIDE.

Yutaka & Anne. Bridging East and West.

The Parents: Anne n' Yutaka

They made me. Therefore, I must make the most of myself. My parents are my support. In anything. They restrict some things that I do, but in the end I owe everything to them.

What is family?
Family is honor and pride. Family is love, learning, laughing, and lamenting all in one. Gaining a new family member is a joyous occasion; losing a family member brings pain.Your family is your base, your foundation, your support. People who grow up with a shaky foundation have more trouble building skyscrapers out of themselves than someone with a rock solid base. Family is sharing. Part of you flows in them; in turn, part of them flows in you. Your mother and father shared themselves with each other, and you were created. You share food, clothing, cars, space, and even GUM. You are your family; your family is you.
"The only rock I know that stays steady, the only institution I know that works, is the family." - Lee Iacocca 

Govern a family as you would cook a small fish - very gently.-Chinese Proverb